Tadhg Ferriter


Tadhg Ferriter teaches yoga to individuals and teams in organisations and businesses, applying techniques that develop personal, team and organisational performance.

An engineer by background with a three-decade career in business and industry, Tadhg practiced yoga throughout his professional life. As his engineering career progressed, adding sales, marketing, and sales management experience, he was appointed Managing Director of a technology company with a global customer base. In parallel he pursued his yoga practice and studies to become a yoga teacher. Today, Tadhg brings his experience and the benefits of yoga to others, working from his Yoga School based in Limerick and with clients across the country. 

Yoga practice is a growing feature in the lives of business and busy people. Through yoga, Tadhg equips his clients to be at their best in tackling the complex and challenging aspects of their work. He works with individuals and teams on strategic change, preparing for meetings, or planning projects, as well as through wider self and professional development programmes.

“I know from experience how yoga works and that the techniques improve decision making, creative thinking and leadership skills.  Yoga can become a tool for deeper change for anyone willing to really use it.” Tadhg concludes.